Accessories are on!


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Nov 30, 2006
Molino, FL
2017 Polaris Slingshot
Here are some pics of the accessories that I had put on my bike.

I finally got the Rocket out on the interstate today. Got it up to about 95 to zoom past a truck who thought he would be cute and pass me in the left lane while I was minding my own business. Sure was fast, and that windshield and lowers really helped with the wind. All in all it was a great day to ride.

Thanks for the comments, rode the Gold Wing today as I did have to recharge the battery yesterday, so I rode it to get a good "foundation" charge this morning.

One thing I thought I'd bring up. The Corbin beetle bags look really good...BUT...they were shipped with a reflective type heat strip on the underside to protect the underside of the bags. Yesterday I noticed that the rear ends on both sides were hanging down just a little bit. Anybody have an idea on what type of adhesive I should use to "cure" this problem? Should be a simple fix, but it looks like a little more needs to be done by Corbin to get a better seal on these strips.
I'll be sending them a "friendly" e-mail advising them of this problem.

Dennis...Got ya covered, both ways...


I see you had a safe trip home. That's a good thing. Don't spend all your Haliburton cash on the Rocket, save some for your other half, and, Uncle Sam.

On the heat shields, get yourself a tube of 3M weatherstrip adhesive at a automotive shop. I believe Murray's sells it ( I saw it there once). Peel the shield away from the bag bottom until the loose part is pulled to where it's sticking. Apply a thin smear of adhesive to both the shield and the bottom of the bag (clean the bottom of the bag with naphtha beforehand. Allow it to tack up and then stick it back together. 3M Weatherstrip adhesive is also known as gorilla snot.

The other thing you might want to do is apply a black zip tie to the wiring harness that comes off the left handlebar where it goes down toward the steering stem. I see yours rubs the tank just like mine did. The clear coat on the paintwork is pretty soft and eventually that harness is going to rub that paint enough to leave a mark.

At first I thought there was a 'tongue' sticking out from under your right hand bag......:D