A Few Mods.............Carbon and Otherwise


Living Legend
Jun 4, 2007
North of Tulsa, OKLAHOMA
Ole Lons the one to do it for you.
Been wanting to get him to make me some window decals myself.
You can find Triumph ones on e-bay,
got two of them, one on "the wifes" windshield,
one on my truck windshield.
Been wanting some that say Rocket III for my back glass.

You boys just need to ride up here sometime.
Next weekend is Bigheart day in Barnsdall.
Be a good time to head this way.
My family always does a big feed for the family members coming in from out of state and we usually meet at the lake outside town.
I'll have beer there for sure..
Lets see, food, beer, riding,
sounds right,
You and Lon come on up, You'll see my Rocket there for sure
and if the wife can get off work, her slow Red one will be there too.
Anybody else that can make it, is more than welcome to head this way too.