Jun 1, 2007
07 r3 classic
What is the correct way to install these shocks? PS instructions weren't very clear concerning the clearance of .020. All of the hardware they sent with the shocks wasn't needed? I wasn't able to get a real torque setting when tightening the bolts. Hope someone can help.


Hi Mark,

It didn't take you long to get them delivered !

If you have gone with the same length shocks as the stockers you can change them one at a time. If you have gone for shorter or longer shocks both the OEM shocks will have to be removed before you can install the 440's

If I recall when I done mine the stockers came off fairly easily with only gentle persuasion from a rubber mallet being required. (Whilst the bike was on the motorcycle lift, high enough to get the back tire off the floor I also had ratchet tie downs from the handlebars up to a roof joist)

I'm pretty sure Pig9r is correct and the sleeves stay in the box.

Such is my memory these days I can't help you with the correct torque setting for the fasteners

Good luck

All hardware stays in the box, take the old one off, new ones on, torque to 28 Nm or 21 lbft - 15 min job.....not sure what you are referring to about "clearance" though.
Elementary my dear Watson....

It's actually converts to a bit over 19 foot pounds if you use the 8.551 multiplier but unless you are using a dial type torque wrench around 20 foot pounds is sufficient and that's all the more accurate 95 percent of torque wrenches are anyway.....

28nm x 8.551(Nm to inch pounds) =239.428 (inch pounds) divided by 12=19.952333 foot pounds