.020 Over
Dec 10, 2007
Yorba Linda, CA
Left side.jpg

Right side 3.jpg

Right side 2.jpg

This is a follow up to the pictures Sam posted Thursday. These show the both sides of the bike. The chromex doesn't come out that well in pictures (duller looking), but it looks much better in person (goes very well with the chrome):D.

Significant performance boost to the bike. Much more consistent acceleration, and the bike runs much smoother overall. Also, as a side note these are the best sounding pipes I have heard on the R3 so far. Not too loud, and with a really deep note to them. They sound and look fantastic in person, and a quick bike just got a whole lot quicker.

Looking good...But that's not a fair assessment because that color combo makes anything look good. It almost makes me look good:D Nice bike!
on this sound clip thingie.. have a rasta musician in the next building from shop. ill see if the dred lock man can help with a quality file. my f... 500 sony camcorder i bought to do this i cant figure out how to up load file and it sounds like crap.

at idle, my daughter says the predator sounds like a werewolf growling on a dark night.... geeese, what a description. i guess that's why she's my favorite :D.

greg :)