2005 rocket with 3k miles on it any mods advise

Allow your engine to idle until the radiator fan kicks on. It takes about '12 minutes' for that to occur (depending on ambient conditions). By doing so your oil is up to temperature, your ECM adaptable tables are reset and any flat spots on your bearings have an opportunity to roll out. The fan will maintain engine temps below 210 degrees. Your ECM reset is the 'tune' part of this equation. It adjusts based on reponse from the lamda sensor.
Sound that’s what I will do as soon as I start
Cheers man.
Finished product


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That's a credit to ya, so the alarm bypass did the trick?

Where did you get the chrome done?
Had het out on maiden trip today. Holy moly they are some beast near pulled skin off me face. They handle really well really good on the corners. The only problem is he height be short for it. I am nearly sitting on the tank. Is there and pull back bars it raisers that might help


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You use to be able to buy revco risers two inches in height and and inch closer.

Or buy a set of T-bars from these guys.

Just down the road from me. But across the planet for you.
200 Miles so far so good. They are a fun bike to ride and I enjoyed doing the bit of work on it. My last thing to tackle is the engine paint. It actually just peeled off. I just want to spray it without taking it out anyone know what paint is best suited to the grey and how to Clean it down for spraying


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