throttle tube

  1. crashpete

    Throttle tube

    My throttle tube cracked, on the way to work opening the throttle was heavy, now I know why.
  2. Ishrub

    For Sale Cheap stock grips even as spares/ throttle tube

    Price: US $7.20 Buy It Now $8.00 Economy Shipping 07 Triumph Rocket III 3 Classic Handlebar Grips | eBay
  3. BigNorm

    More throttle tube questions

    Are the stock throttle tubess any stronger than the heated grip tubes? The reason I ask is that I I am interested in putting some heat demons in my bars but have no interest in my throttle tube breaking.
  4. barbagris


    Those of you with heated grip issues might be interested. Biltwell 1" Whiskey Throttles For Harley but iirc Harley tubes fit.
  5. BigNorm

    Throttle tube choices

    What fits our r3s? I've heard Harley throttles will work. If so what years? I saw that biltwell and joker machine both make a bullet tube. Will these work?
  6. franklyspeaking

    **FOUND** Stock Grips with Throttle Tube

    When I bought my 2014 Roadster it came with Kuryakyn ISO grips and I'd like to go back to stock. Does anyone have their stock setup that they'd like to off load? I'd love to get the bar end weights with it as well if that's possible. Anybody?
  7. franklyspeaking

    R3 Throttle Tube?

    I'm not much of a fan of the Kuryakyn grips and it doesn't seem like there are many options for the R3. Does anyone know if someone makes a throttle tube for the rocket? I've seen some say they've had success mounting harley grips as well. Does anyone know what is involved? Any modifications...