1. GaryA

    Cable not showing when connected to computer

    I have started, downloaded and installed TuneECU. Now the cable, downloaded and saved drivers, disconnected the internet, plugged in the cable but no dialog boxes cam up. Should something have shown on the computer saying I had connected something and where are the drivers? Its Windows 10 as...
  2. BigNorm

    Computer version of tune ecu

    Could someone send me a copy for my laptop?
  3. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    Got a new computer. Did I get the right one ?

    My 9 year old really nice Toshiba laptop gave up the ghost Friday night. It had died twice before and was resurrected. Last time we took the motherboard out and "baked" it in the oven at 250 degrees for 30 minutes. It is said sometimes doing that works because it will cause the solder to...
  4. albertaduke

    dealertool/access your ecu

    I purchased the dealertool from england it comprise a fancy cable connecting to your ecu with a USB male plug at the other hand and a cd with the files /program to install on the computer . with it you can bleed ABS brakes and other stuff which I have yet to discover. I managed to download...