You Didn't Miss Anything


Apr 13, 2006
The Great State of Texas
Well you didn't miss much at the Dawgs On Hawgs Rally.:cool: Every year it just seems to get worse. This one has some great potental but someone isn't doing it right. There wasn't even a third the vendors and probably a quarter the bikes. Weather was better this year than most years we have gone. And I think they are pricing theirselves right out of it. $40 this year and just wasn't worth it.
But the Ride was good

The ride up was pretty good. Just cool enough to wear light denim jacket. Not many bikes on road. Must have left them all in the hill country. ha ha:D

With Tom's assistance, I will post pictures as soon as I get them. I didn't take that many. We have a digital camera but I don't like to take it to stuff like this cause I don't want to worry about leaving it somewhere or breaking it. So I took a throwaway from Wally World. Tried to get it developed on the way back yesterday but the one I stopped at said their one hour equipment was down until Tuesday.

There was a total of four Rockets at the event. Mine, Honey Bear's, Chuck (a friend of ours), and an unknown Red one. All were differant colors which was cool!

There will probably be another new captain shortly. The crew that left Thursday stopped at Euro Shop in Waco. They had lots of colors to look at. And the friend that has the 1100 Shadow and wife has VW Trike were real interested in the Blue one. Dealer was looking at the Trike. He has someone looking for one. So possible they will be trading the trike in on Rocket. Then they will get a conversion kit for the Shadow so she can ride it. If he gets to trade in the trike don't look for him on the net. Doesn't have a computer available to him.

The weather home was nice. Cool enough for the leather jacket until around noon. Then got warm enough for the denim for awhile. But eventually it got plenty hot. All jackets went bye bye. Was wishing I had found a half helmet I liked. The full one I have got very hot in town traffic.
Sorry I didn't think to get it this year. But can get it.

They have always been $40 - $45. But the first couple of years that we went was well worth it. Big named bands, loads of vendors, lots and lots of people and bikes to watch. but this year was only worth $15 - $20 to me. :cool:
At least you were out riding with some friends. Not all of our little escapades turn out so good either, but I don't worry about it too much. Every once in awhile you run into something really fun or neat and that makes it all worth while :D... If you get the pics back send them up and I'll stick 'em in here.My Email is being a pain in the arse about attachments for some reason but at least the pics seem to be coming through.

Good job all of you guys and girls :)... we all like to hear about rides. Even if you think it might be boring it may be interesting to someone else....
RidinSunshine said:

They have always been $40 - $45. But the first couple of years that we went was well worth it. Big named bands, loads of vendors, lots and lots of people and bikes to watch. but this year was only worth $15 - $20 to me. :cool:

At least they had good bands, that's something. It irritates me to pay even a few $ for mainly the opportunity to see what a bunch of tent mongers would like to sell me. That's like the greeter at Wally World asking me for money just to look at the merchandise.
My Ride to Henderson TX

Good News for me! That blue Rocket got sold so it won't be living in our town. ha ha. So I still get all of the glory in our little town. Yeh, I know I am spoiled brat. Too darn competitive. Gotta have the biggest, fastest, prettiest, etc. :rolleyes:

Been crazy week already so don't expect to see pics until Monday. Hoping to go to Fbrg this weekend. Can go to Wally World one hour and get them done then.

As far as the rallies, I am a gal so like to shop. I do understand what you are saying about paying to shop somewhere. But my addiction gets me through that thought....:D But I like the overall everything. Like to look at everyone else's bikes, people watch, etc. But I was disappointed in this one for that. I really only saw one interesting bike. All the rest were just everyday sights. I got pictures to post of it. Hopefully they will turn out. It was a BSA home built I think. Real unusual. It was made with plumbing parts.

But the ride up and back was good. Weather was desent. Scenary was good. On the way up there I thought about pulling over to take pictures but just couldn't make myself pull over and get off of bike. That is how much fun I was having riding. I was going to try and get some of those shots I see posted riding down road but with my helmet it was a pain in butt. Took two we'll see how they turned out.....:cool:
Here are a few to start with....

Let me put a few of these up and I will try to edit in the comments later...

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