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Sep 9, 2006
Tahlequah, Oklahoma
Here's something interesting i ran across yesterday while replacing the stock headlights on my Rocket with new ones from Candlepower. If you look at the stock R3 headlight front glass, there is a small arrow pointing to the left. The Candlepowers i purchased have an arrow pointing to the right. What i found out is that this arrow is indicating to which side the headlight shines out a slight more "flood" light to help see the edge of the road. Of course in the U.S., you would need to see more of the right side edge of the road at night to watch for pedestians, deer, etc. In England or where ever the drive on the wrong side of the road:rolleyes: , they would need to focus more light to the left side of the road. Maybe this is why so many U.S. Rocket owners are dissatisfied with their headlights. I'll let everyone know what i think about the Candlepowers soon.
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Interesting! I've not really noticed a problem with seeing the road (any favortism right or left) after I first purchased the Rocket & adjusted them "up" just a tad. But now that you've posted the specifics, I'll need to take closer notes. I will admit there is a radical difference from low beam to high beam. Not certain if that is governed by the combination of the bulb "and" the lens, or just the lens alone.

Anyone assist on that quandry?
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Before I came back here, I lined up my Gold Wing and the Rocket on the road in front of my house and attempted a headlight comparison. I was very surprised that the Rocket headlight beam area was comparable to the Wing, I was expecting a lot less.
I will check out that arrow thing though, can't hurt to make sure.
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Are the candlepowers a bulb only or are they a complete bulb with lens assembly?

I noticed during our ride Sunday that when Pat (who rides a Harley) and Pianoman were behind me, Pat's headlight was very bright in my mirrors, but Pianoman's headlamps almost appeared to be dark, as they must have been directing the light elsewhere other than at me. I think that may be more of a lens issue or reflector problem.

I'll have to check out this arrow deal :D... very interesting!
I haven't noticed whether there's more light on the left or the right... it's all just a blurrr when you're screaming down the road with your hair on fire :D least what's left anywway. :eek:
Thanks BigErn for pointing that out. I'll have to pay attention. On the otherhand; with all the safety engineering (de-tuning) at the factory one would think USA bound units would be properly set.
The Candlepower units are a complete housing unit with a replaceable bulb. The use the front glass as the focusing factor instead of the reflector itself. The front glass is ribbed to direct the light, and the rear reflectoe is smooth. The stock Rocket headlights, even with aftermarket bulbs, just seem to throw the light out there without much concern for direction or focus. Click on "What's new" to see what they are offering.
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