Why don't BMW riders don't wave?


Sep 8, 2006
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I got up this morning to go to work and it was about 45 degrees with a driving cold rain. I immediately went to my quickley warmed up GMC pickup and headed off to work, which is about six miles one way from my home. As I was sippping hot coffee approaching the top of a steep hill, I pass the BMW rider. Since I a total creature of habit, as the BMW rider must be also, we meet in about the same spot Monday-Thursday, I dont know or care about Fridays, that is Britman's day. My wife works, I am off, and life is grand. This little meeting has been taking place for over three years. My idea of winterizing my bikes is to put the kick stand down. I start them at least every two weeks and ride usually up to early January or any day that get above 30 degrees and is DRY. This BMW rider rides every day, rain, snow, or sleet, and you know something he has never waved when I pass on the R/3 or any of the old ones. My policy has always been if a fellow rider throws his hand up, I'm going to return the wave. I don't care if it's a Harley rider or the foolish kid on a moped (who apparently grew up under the power lines) heading to flip burgers at Mickey D's. We are all breathing the same air. I waved a couple of times a few years ago, and nothing. I have since started to notice that this guy is really not an exception, when you pass a BMW rider the majority do not wave, and they tend to ride in any weather all year long. Does anyone have any theory or an explantion to this phenomenon. I thought maybe their hands were frozen to bars, but there are the summer months. Comments welcome. We might as well pick on the Germans for awhile, it's going to be a long winter and there is room for all.


Mar 8, 2006
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Some reasons to ponder.

1)You wanna bet that He thinks he owns the best bike out there and doesn't bother to wave at the Neanderthals on other bikes.

2) He feels it's unsafe to wave, preferring to hold on tight.

3) Try waving once with all fingers up instead of just one.

4) I heard those dang apposing cylinders torque badly to one side preventing one hand riding.


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Mar 7, 2006
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britman said:
when you pass a BMW rider the majority do not wave. Does anyone have any theory or an explantion to this phenomenon.

The stigma associated with a certain German salute, vintage 39-45 ?
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Oct 20, 2005
Someone told me this a while back....Harley riders wave to nobody,,Honda riders wave to everybody and Beemer riders only wave to God!!!!!!!!!!!!!