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Nov 30, 2006
Molino, FL
2017 Polaris Slingshot
Not sure how I missed it with all the research I thought I did before buying my new Classic, but just found out that supposedly I have to use 89 octane according to the owners manual. Any bad experiences using 87 octane or should I pay attention to the manual on this one?
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No 87 for me

Probably there's no real harm in using a lower grade octane. For me, I usually don't put in more than 4-5 gallons at a time. At most, it cost me $1 more per fill up. I look at it as a great investment in horsepower and being sure that if anything goes wrong..... it isnt' the fuel.

If you drove 600 miles a month you're only talking about $4-5 a month extra. Cigarettes at my local sports bar go for $6 a pack!
FWIW... I use 89 Gasahol and it runs great on it. It has a bonus in that it is subsidised and is actually a penny or two cheaper than the 87 swill (This is the corn belt, don'tcha know).

I don't think 87 will harm anything but we have had people in the past make comments on poor idle quality with it, but nothing serious. Others have noticed no difference :confused:..

I think putting anything more than 89 is a waste unless you have custom engine mods.
I use 89 or 93 or what ever is the highest at the pump I'm at. And I don't go to those kwik stops only Exxon, Shell, Mobile. Like PianoMan said for the extra buck I know my engine is staying cleaner and heck you get better gas milage to so it all evens out.

Come on gang,Every one knows that the cheap stuff has more energy than the good stuff..And when it coats the tops of the pistons with corbon you get a higher compression ratio,which the rocket needs.lololol I use mid grade because of this altitude..The best every once in a while to keep him clean..Jack
Octane - resistance to ping, pre-ignite...

no more no less than 89 octane for my beast. I understand, with two mouths to feed you'd be inclined toward Dollar General or Fred's:D I too am hesitant about no name quick stop gas. I stick with the major 3 (Cowboy's, Kangaroo, and Petro) in this area. Occasionally Bubba's Pulled Pork and Gas 'em-up. I don't know about the hyphen. And while we're on it: Where's the fuel filter on the R3. Must be under the hood?
Thanks for the replies. It wasn't a money concern, just that Harley's (I believe) have to use Hi-octane 91 (or 93), the Wing uses 87 regular, was just surprised the Rocket was in the middle. Down here you are only talking +0.10 cents more per gallon, at absolute empty (or almost) you are talking 60 cents, so 89 it is.
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Debate that.............

Lets have some dissension among Rocket Captains and Rocket Privates (I did say that).....

I burn the cheap ****te. It's a relatively low compression engine with advanced electronic controls and (I presume a knock sensor) so it should be able to compensate for low octane swill. Saying that, I don't know if it would run on Pemex but then I'm not planning any Mexican junkets in the near future anyway.

Now, if I decked it and added high compression pistons or a turbo or Roots type supercharger which would raise the theoretical compression ratio (not both together), then I'd opt for Super Blue or Av. Gas but being what it is, a large displacement lawn mower engine, the swill works fine. Besides, I use the difference in monies to buy Marlboro Reds.

Even my air cooled twin cam Bonnie runs on swill and it's only electronics are the igniter box and the carb heaters.

If it's good for the lawn mower, it's good for the Rocket.:D