Nov 26, 2006
Kalamazoo, Mi
Ok here is a question after a short story,

Yesterday I was riding with my Wife on the Rocket a guy pulls up next to me on a R6 my Wife says he is going to take off fast and race you. I said I am not racing well he took off and my instant reation was to hit it hard and just smoked the guy like he wasnt even moving, he instantly shut the R6 down.

So the question is this what bikes have been beaten by the Rocket, from people on this forum? I mean my Harley is fast one of the fastest around here, but is nothing compared to the Rocket.

Actually my Son rode my Rocket the other day and I told him go ahead and hit it hard to see what it can do, he hit it in first hit 3rd and just looked down and said Holy &$** I was going 95 and it was still pulling harder than anything I have ever ridden, and he told me his legs were like rubber, from the excitment of the power of it so I know there have been some bikes smoked by the Rocket, here is your chance to do some showing off at what you have beat.

Hey Busa I know that the Busa will beat the Rocket top end but how about street light to street light?

Off the top of my head... V-Rod SE, M-109, CBR 900RR, '07 Vette Z06, countless Harleys, countless ****** rockets, and I have been smoked by a equal amount of ****** rockets, namely a GSXR 1000, CBR 1100, I found when it comes to sport bikes it mainly depends on the rider's skill level (mine included).

I came up on a guy the other day on a bike (some sort of ****** rocket, I couldn't tell what it was I only saw the rear) I was a few lengths behind him on an interstate. We enter a clover leaf, one that I can easily take at 60 mph, and he is going 35 mph, obviously not a very experienced rider so I knew I was in for some fun. As soon as we are out of the clover leaf I see his right elbow drop, so I follow. He picks up about a 10 bike length lead until he lets off. By the time he has settled down and has the whereabouts to look in his mirror I have caught up and I am on his ass. I can tell he is pissed. He tries to down shift and drop the throttle but he misses the downshift. He tries again and misses the downshift again but decides to settle for his present gear and I see the right elbow drop again. I am easily able to stay with him because he is not very high in the RPM range. After a short burst he lets off and sees I am behind him like Flip riding ***** to the hardware store with Raymond. He goes through the missed downshift series again, this time I don't wait and let it rip flying past him until I can't see him anymore. I felt sorry for the guy.

I have had Harley guys get pissed when trying to pass them. Last summer Tom and I had two dudes try and block us from passing. We just threaded the needle and blew by. We got to show them a little something at the next stop light also.
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Sedate is the buzzword.

I never race anyone. It's unprofessional in my profession.........:D I'm into sedate and conservative except for the V-Rod last summer at 121 on US 23 south. That was a slight slip of the right wrist.

I may be wrong but I don't think there is a stock Harley made or even a mildly modified potato bike that can hang with a Rocket so why bother. I had a potato biker wax me on the way to school last week on the Interstate. We both got off the same exit and he was sitting at the light when I pulled up. He pulled into the school parking lot ahead of me. Turned out to be a student (parked in the bike line like me). He asked me why I didn't succumb to his prod. I replied that why should I. I already know he was riding an over priced Briggs and Stratton noisemaker and I don't waste my time or endanger my ticket with wannabees. I should have went out between classes and poured some oil below his bike just to be mean.......:eek:

PF, I'm ashamed of you. You hold an MSF Advanced License and you succumb to street racing. that's tacky.

Personally, I worked too hard and invested too many hours to blow my Federal Instructors license for a shot of testosterone. Everything I do reflects on that card I now carry and the certification that hangs on the wall.
The closest race I ever had from a cruiser was an 02 V-Rod with all the screaming eagle kits, and a custom pc III map. I beat him, but it was close. My buddy's FZ1 runs neck and neck with the R3 on the straights. I had to quit trying to stay with him in the curves. I have beaten several sport bikes, and been left behind by a few. I have never been challenged by a Busa or ZX-14 etc. but I know they could smoke me.
I beat a mid 80's Ford pick-up the other day, he wasn't racing with me and he didn't know that I was with him, but I got him. My street racing days are over, now solo runs on the other hand are another story.
I nailed a Yammie R1 last year. I live in the country and was on my way home from work when he blew by me. At first I ignored him but then I thought what the heck. I had no idea what the bike was at the time but I took off and soon caught him up. I saw him spot me in his mirror and upped the pace as we approached a series of bends. I figured he was about to scorch my ass but instead, halfway around the first sweeper I had to back off slightly and realised he wasn't up to the task. We got up to 210 kph on the straight and I manged to stay fairly close and on the left hander I outbraked him and went inside, nailed the throttle out of the curve and was gone. Slowing down coming into my village I turned to wave as it had been fun but he kept his black faceshield down and looked the other way as he passed. I guess he was embarassed to have been beaten by an old grey beard on a cruiser..........yes I am ashamed of myself...........:D
I never race, but sometimes (try to) do a top speed run on an open road (I do this very very seldom, in case someone feels the need to point out that it's not a good idea, and might lead to long convalescence ;)), This is on the FJ1200 since I do not have a rocket in my stable yet, But it does make me wonder how the FJ would hold up against the rocket.
So far, I've always chickened out at 155 indicated (probably closer to 145), but it seems the bike is nowhere near its end.
I realize the numbers for HP and TQ are not very impressive to a rocket rider, but darn the FJ feels fast!
It's completely a skill related race. My FJR1300 is quicker 110 than the Rocket III I've ridden. But that's with me riding both. The Rocket is sheer torque as I am stating the obvious. It's immediate when you are on throttle. There's no denying that. My 2002 Hayabusa felt almost as torquey believe it or not. I know it's down 50ftllbs but it's also close to 250 lbs lighter and has better suited gearing. (I believe my Hayabusa did 85 or so in first gear.) I've seen people on 600s better people on 1000s at the track. Even 1/4 mile tracks. The Rocket is easy to ride quickly. It's long, heavy, and has a large rear foot print. Sportbikes are tougher. They spin, wheelie, and require a lot more attention.

Besides, 8 out of 10 people I meet who ride sportbikes can't ride them to any degree of skill. Rockets are seriously quick bikes, but there's a lot out there that's quicker still.
are we talking

about standard R3s or those with power commanders or even turbo chargers , i was shopping today and the dealer offered the turbo as an option i think my grin said it all so that box was tic-ed too :eek::):D:D