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Jul 16, 2007
Layton, Utah
How many of us are there here in Utah?

I have only seen one other (Classic w/Tribal Paint) and that was up at Snowbird during the Rockin Blues Concert.
I'm from west jordan have an 07 black and white tourer. I have only seen one other black one around here. It would be great to know who else has one. Do you go on any of the rides around here? I have gone on a few now and everyone comments on my bike on how they have never seen one in person. I love the power and ride of this bike though.:D

I don't do too many organized rides; don't like riding with people whose riding skills I don't know. I have a group of friends (from Sandy to Brigham City) who I ride with on occassion and I always do Laughlin (Havasu) every year. Actually, I saw my first Rocket when we were returning from Laughlin this year. We were cruising down the interstate going 85, and I saw this bike coming up on us, then it passed us, it was a Rocket. I had 136,000 on my bike and was considering an upgrade on the engine or a new Road Glide. I went down to SLC and took the R3 for a couple of test rides; sold on the bike. Put my Harley on KSL.com and a guy from Park City came and bought it; must not have asked enough for it. Anyway, I found the R3 I have out in Reno. Flew out there and picked it up. The only bad part of the trip was riding the bike home in the middle of July accross Nevada on I-80; F*%^ing HOT! Other than that, I love the bike. I also get a lot of compliments on the bike. I also had a Goldwing rider who thought his bike was all that; he soon learned it wasn't.
Welcome to the forum:)

Organized rides, when organized right, aren't anymore and more likely less infringement than riding in traffic. Side by side riding IS far less enjoyable I have to agree. Staggered riding IS your right and the entire width is your space.