usb cable extension


Jun 12, 2007
hey guys,

i have tune boy.that's a good thing. i can't reach the bike,the cable is too short. that's not a good thing.
i was wondering if any of you could recommend/specify a cable extension for reaching the bike from stationary pc. i need to reach @ 15/20 ft farther. thanks.:eek::D

Radio Shack, Best Buy, Circuit City, Fry's, Costco, WalMart.

Any of them will most likely have extensions.

If you can, get the longest one that will work for your needs, don't put a bunch of them together, don't get one that's too long.
thats much more work than needed. the computer dont have wheels. just drive the bike to the computer. as i am single its not a problem, though if your married you may want to concider doing so when your wife is not home. something about the carpet bla bla bla. i think the booster is your only way to go.
usb cable extension

hey guys,
just wanted to thank every one for the info rendered. will most likely go with booster cable since living room is not an option at this time:D. am gonna get 2.0/16ft. version. should reach ok. probably go to radio shack......... alrighty. thanks and see ya later bye :)......
I did a google search and it looks that if you go over 16 ft you need something to boost the signal. With these devices you can go to 80 feet.

Is moving the computer to the garage for the day an option?

I'm wondering if there is some way you can interface your wireless router to take the place of the hard cable?
hey sidecar,
i thought about going with a cableless router but didn't. i wasn't sure about being able to maintain signal integrity over distance needed. so i went with gold plated male / female active buss format. it works and it was reasonable,about 25 bucks. i got 16 ft. with no significant signal degradation. i'm o.k. with that........ i'll look into a cable less router later. thanks........