tuneboy mapping


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Apr 26, 2007
not sure if this is the right place to post this (sorry, i'm new here). a little background - i own a company that designs performance products and customizes european motorcycles. i recently purchased a 2004 rocket (early 2005) from one of my customers and have started playing with it.

anyway, though i'm new to the rocket, i've been using tuneboy for years on benelli's and aprilia's. since i already have the software and cables (and am a dealer for tuneboy), i can help with loading maps if anyone is interested (at this point, i prefer not to do custom mapping). the cost is just the price of the key (~us$163 at todays exchange rate) and should only take about 15 minutes since we have a direct account for the keys and can get them instantly.

i only offer this as an option for those who want better mapping but don't wish to invest in the whole kit (or just don't want to learn how to use the program).

if interested, i'm located in southern california (murrieta). just pm me for more info.


Dec 5, 2006
Durham, NC
Welcome Ken,

I'm sure that you can find some informative discussions here to help you 'play' with your Rocket

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