Jun 23, 2006
Alright ya all, we've talked long enough. Let's get a firm date and see who shows up.

I'm thinking a good place to meet would be at a Triumph dealer.

I'm tight with time the next month but do have Saturday, April 7 available. I would suggest we do what some of the bike nights do, which is to have a set time and stick with it such as the 1st Saturday of every month. We could even meet at different Triumph dealers.

Let's work it out...
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Tall guy

I think we are to spread out to do a week night ride. I think we should try weekend rides. I think there are only 2 of us down here in South TX the rest of you are north a couple hours.
I have a screwed up schedule I only have the 2nd and 4th weekends and Wed. threw Fri.’s free. But I think we should plan on a date the majority can go otherwise we will never decide anything.

Tom that would be great thanks. :bch:
We could also make a weekend thing of this and crash the New Ulm British & European Bike Rally in New Ulm, TX this May 18th - May 20th.. I have been wanting to go to this Rally for many years and have never made it.. Here's the link to the flyer..


And.... With a Triunph Rat Raid in the Hill Country this year, we should make an effort to have a good Rocket showing there as well?... :)

Is there a way we can come up with a map showing our locations and maybe #'s so we can all get in touch with one another say if one of us goes on a weekend ride. Also I think we should come up with a schedule of places we want to see and see if we can do some of them as a group. One I'd like to do is have a bunch of triumphs roll into Galveston with
me this year.:bch:
Good ideas Paul...

I'll volunteer to create a word document of names, locations, phone numbers, and email addys. I'll then email the word document back to everybody who sends in info with all the names. As we get more names, I'll just change the "Revised (date)" at the top of the list.

So if that's cool with everybody, pm me your name, location, phone number, and email addy; and I'll get the list up and running.

So far as the map goes, maybe somebody with computer skills can help us there.

The ride location thing is a great idea. I haven't ridden motorcycles long enough or lived in Texas long enough to even know where I would like to ride.
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Sounds Good

We can get good locations I bet from other people on the site.
So who ever wants in can PM Talltxguy with there information And I wouldn't think we have to limited this to Texans? I think we can open this up to anyone who wants to travel and meet fellow R3 owners; unless there is a reason we don't want PF / Raymond to know were we live :p
Also we can make a note next to names we can use as an emergency #. So if say one of you are down my way and break down you know you can call me and I would come get you. Just a thought.:rolleyes: