I have the a colored version of that screen and it does a great job of knocking the wind blast from your chest and getting rid of the "parachute affect" and it looks great too... :)
I do

I have the clear sport screen. I like the clear because it still gives you a view of the road right in front of you, But as being effective with wind control. Let’s just say it looks better than it works. I am short so it puts the wind right in my face so I had to go with a full face rather than a shorty if I didn’t want my head blown off. I talked to a guy down here who is about 6'4" and he put about 4" spacers on his screen to push it out some and he say's it works great now. I think they are more for looks than practicality but that’s just my experience.

Thanks. Looks like the reviews are a little mixed but I am willing to give it a try. It may just help me stay on the thing. Is it an easy install?
It is a super easy install. You do need the the "front end fixing kit" with the fairing also.
The kit is basically four bolt on clamps that provide the mounting points for any of Triumph's fairings. It is very straight forward though.

I am 5'11".. and I do notice a significant difference in the wind hitting my chest, my face and neck remain exposed, but it's clean air.. and does not buffet me around. Without the sport fairing, I feel like a parachute and am pretty sure my arms are longer after a long 70+ MPH trip.. I also have the Roadster screen that I swap out during really cold weather and/or longer trips if I think I need it..