Apr 1, 2006
Overland Park, Kansas USA
I went to bike night at the Other Place in downtown Overland Park. Nothing much going on so I headed for dinner ( One of my favorite things to do ). On the way home I stopped to see if any different rides had shown up since the hour before. There were several bikes I'd never seen before including a Kawasaki that looked just like a dressed Goldwing. Didn't know they ever made that style.

Anyway, on my way inside a dark blue R3 was parked in front of me. What, I didn't know there was a blue R3 in KC. The next 20 minutes was running around trying to find somebody in a Triumph shirt so I can find out about it. No luck, so I decide to plant myself outside and just wait for whoever it is. I walk out the door and this guy's getting ready to leave.

I hurried over ( well, hurried isn't the right word but I hobbled real quick) to say hello and introduce myself. I think I startled him a bit ( that's been known to happen to others) and I told him about our forum and the local riders getting together from time to time.

He just bought it at Engle Motors a few days ago. He said he wasn't really used to it yet and only had 200 miles logged. I asked if he was having trouble wiping the smile off his face and one appeared before my eyes. His buddy was on a chopped hog and just stood there, silently watching as people came up checking the R3's out.

I'm sorry to say I forgot his name but I hope he'll be getting on line shortly and adding one more KC rider to the list.

Speaking of riding, the RAT group will meet around 8:30 am at Engle Motors this Sunday and leave at 9 am for a casual ride to Collins, Missouri for lunch at Smith's restaurant. I've eaten there years ago and it was good home cooking. If I remember, it shouldn't be more than a couple hours each way. Be sure to arrive a little early as you must sign a waiver to ride with the group.