Single digit midget for the last time


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Nov 30, 2006
Molino, FL
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This is great guys, once again I am at the single digit stage before I get stateside again. I remember when I was at this point back in March before my R&R. A lot has changed since then. At that time I did not even a have Rocket, hadn't even ridden one yet. I had no idea what I was in for. Then I got a "get aquainted" period of about 9 days and 480 miles and had to leave it behind.

It is nice, no, it is great to have both bikes available to chose from when I get home, and now that I know what I am missing, the anticipation is even greater.

I wanted to let you guys know that I appreciate all the comments and the help that you have provided me since November and especially since I started focusing on getting my own Rocket. Just like the Gold Wing boards, this forum is a treasure trove of knowledge, tips and how to's that is greatly appreciated.

I'm glad that most, if not all, of you are now able to get out and ride and enjoy the weather, you have no idea how envious I am of that, but my time is coming. I just hope things fall together well enough (job hunting) that I'll be able to join all of you in Nashville.
Ride safe and watch out for those nail, sharp rocks, and thorns in the road.
9 dtg!
...nails, sharp rocks, and thorns...:eek: Carbon Fiber TIRES! Yeah, that's the ticket:D

"Single digit midget" haven't heard that since the last I heard PCS or TDY.

Do take care and we're surely all looking forward to the RAID on Nashville with you there:bch:
Hey Molinoman, get your buns back safe so we can get those new tires broke in right. I got the risers put on and have a much better position but have to learn to ride all over again.:confused: Give me a holler shorty when you get in.:D

And now it's down to 7, with only 2 more in this camp, then it's convoy time.
7 dtg!
Miss what?

The money, yeah, that will take some getting used to. I know I'm not going to make that kind of money in the near future, hopefully the financial services gig will pick up pretty good. As for the rest...not on your life.
7 dtg!

Today I leave for Bagram, a little over an hour on my last convoy in country. Then Saturday and Sunday relaxing and trying to get on a computer to keep up with you all and Monday flying out to Dubai. I got my itinerary today, from Dubai to Amsterdam on KLM, a whole 8 hours there...
3 dtg!
Hey Molinoman, you gotta get some (a varity) of those Amsterdam goodies to share when we get to Nashville. I hear the choices there are endless. 8days, that should give you time to sample & make some decent choices, right?

Get home safe, OK? We are praying it happens that way.

See ya.
8 days

8 hours, Rusty, what are you trying to do, get me killed? If it was 8 days I'd probably go to Switzerland and look up Jamie and see the green monster live.
Got to Bagram okay, now for a, I'm sure, slow weekend that will eventually get me to Monday morning.
Busajack, there were lot's of sheep being herded alongside the road from Kabul to Bagram, I immediately thought of you.
3 dtg...almost down to two.