Self Cancelling Turn Signals


Nov 26, 2006
Kalamazoo, Mi
I also just saw a self cancelling device for the turn signals for the Rocket anyone use this my other bike has self cancelling signals and I think I might leave the signal on with out the self cancelling, not real safe?

Auto Cancel

I've got the Signalminder. It plugs into the socket for your flasher and can be set at 10, 20 or 30 flashes before self canceling. If you're changing lanes, you just hit your turn signal button and then hit it again to cancel manually. It also allows you to use the OEM turn signals as running lights ( about 1/2 brightness). If I remember correctly you can also do a 4 way flasher setting for parades and escort service.
Hey Pianoman, is your Signalminder still functioning properly? If you recall, I started a thread about the turn signal issue & others made the Signalminder sound like a "not so great a choice". That is my next item to tackle on the Rocket. When I was wiring the air horn up, I was able to locate the flasher device (without much challange), it's right beside the battery under the right side cover. The tough part will be locating those 4 "turn signal wires" to tie into, to use them as running lights also. I like the number if choices the Signal minder gives for setup. Glad you read the instructions & found that by simply activating the turn signal switch a second time, that cancels the "signal" process, for those quick manuvers. Maybe installing the switch return springs will be fun also, we'll let you know.

See ya.
So Far....So Good

It seems to work fine with my OEM turn signals. I'm still having a tiff with the Vectra LED's I mounted on top of my mirrors. The right side as an intermittent problem so it's been hard to find. I'll keep you posted.
I am thinking about a Signalminder myself so I searched the forum. Any updates on yours Pianoman?

Anyone else running a Signalminder? I like the idea of having running lights.
The R3T has this feature. You may want to see if Triumph will offer it as an upgrade to the previous Rockets.
Very Happy With Mine

Well, the intermittent problem with the Vectra turn signals was finally traced to a wire that was shorting out. I just set my Signalminder to 30 and manually turn it off if needed. There was a problem with the clear button on the turn signals. Sometimes you would click it but the turn signal kept flashing. The manual said to cut that part out of the turn signal switch and all is well.
I have the Signal-minder and it works pretty well. Sometimes the turn signal won't engage though. Now that I have it I have trained myself to cancel them myself. I guess I paid too much attention to whether it worked or not. I also salivate when a bell rings.
I have not hooked it up for the running light feature yet so I cannot comment on that aspect. I like it overall, it keeps me from being 'tarded when I rides. :D
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