Rear Tire Prices


Aug 23, 2006
Northwest, MO.
2005 Rocket III
I've done a little looking around and with "shipping" considered, it appears that (with free shipping) Sandhill Power Sports may have the best price on the Metz rear tire.

$192.29 (once again, free shipping)

Does anyone know if this is the best price out there today? I know that installation is going to need factored in because I can't tackle it myself. Removal from the beast is easy but the "tire to wheel" hug factor is too much.

I've searched previously posted threads for information so was reluctant to start another, but....:confused:

Thanks everyone.
Thanks Pigger, although I'm not convienced about the "free shipping" comment made. It does say "Free Shipping", but it also states "Except Tires".

Do you know something I haven't figured out yet? $15 shipping puts this over the $192.29 w/free shipping from Sandhill.

Let me know so we all get clued in. Thanks.
I didn't catch that. Looks like it will be $15 to ship.

Give Engle's a call, I can't remember the price I was quoted but I remember being surprised.