Rain and the Rocket


Nov 26, 2006
Kalamazoo, Mi
Hello all this may be a dumb question, but never having a wide tired bike before how does the Rocket handle in the rain, with that much power and wide tire is it a bit more slippery feeling or not really?

I've ridden in two rainstorms while on the Rocket, one was a 200 mile trip on both Interstate Highways and smaller secondary highways and roads.

The Rocket is as stable as they get, I had no handling or traction problems at all. Keep in mind you should be cautious in these conditions and not push things, but the Rocket does very well. It will help if your tires still have tread to channel out water (some people run them down to almost the cord :eek:) and they should be inflated correctly.

I think it has to do with the weight of the bike, the long wheel base, and the ability of the directional tires to channel water away from the center of the tire casing.

I passed a couple of semi's probably going about 65 mph and had no traction problems. Visability is another issue, I wish my helmet facesheild had a wiper.

I guess not every day can be sunny and 85 :D

The bike itself was a major mess, and took hours to clean. This may be one of the hardest bikes to wash ever. I like to find the local cheerleader fundraiser carwash and let them have a stab at it. They don't do a very good job but I don't care....

PS... Sheepskin seat covers suck up gallons of water and that feels just lovely, best to stow that in the bags if you can. They do dry out just about perfect and if you shoot them with some compressed air after they are dry it blows the sand and gravel out and they fluff up just like new.
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No worries

I have driven in everything from short drive through mist to a whole day in pouring rain storm. No problems.

But then wet asphalt is allways a bit slippery and I try to be more carefully then.

Me and me missus went to Norway last summer and we drove the first day through Sweden in pouring rain. It was about 700 km day and not a problem with the bike, did have some other promlems thoug. My gloves were so wet that they never dried so I had to go and buy a new pair the next day (even summer days can be chilly here) and my Goretex boots, well the right one was a OK but left one was leaking so bad that when we got to Oslo and hotel I poured water out of it to bathroom floor, really it was up to ankle full of water:soapbox: . And I took my better pair just because of that I knew my old ones will leak,luckily I got new pair from the dealer.
Worst in rain stroms is wind, luckily the beast is quite heavy.
Oh and also the clean up, it takes ages like tomo said to clean it up:D
Thanks for the info so far, what makes the clean up so difficult seems if most things are in the open? Is it the material (chrome engine paint) that is hard ot clean or just so much to clean? My Road King is a pain to clean because there are so many little spots to get into.

I absolutly hate riding in rain, but I can tell you this is the most comfortable bike to do so on! I did have the back end start to come around a couple of times at stops on wet pavement, but it righted itself quickly. Just slow down...hard to do strapped to nothing but engine.
My philosophy

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Here's what I abide by. If it gets wet, I'll sell it and get a new, dry one.

Actually it has been misted several times but I was able to find shelter in a friends garage.....while they were having a garage sale. People wanted to know where the sales tag was for the bike!

The second time I just made it under a huge overpass and waited it out. VonB is probably snickering with all the road time he and others have accumulated through all kinds of weather. When it comes to cleaning the lower half I don't really bend that well and if I get down, can hardly get up........ it works for me. I know the day will come when I get caught " out in it " and it's good to know the beast tracks and handles well.

High School Cheerleaders Vehicle Wash.......HERE I COME!
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With you

I'm with you PM if there is a 30% or better chance of rain my garage door stay's shut, except for the 4-wheeler side, rain = mud = funnnnn:D
I also hate riding in the rain. However the first time I did was on a speed triple with tires similar to the rocket. I was very surprised how much traction it still had (and the rocket does) with basically no tread, just grooves.