R3T Floorboards Have To Go!

This is my last update. I have a few more tweaks...mainly some sanding, finish work and then mounting the top rubber as the last thing.

● I made the new brackets out of some 1" X 1/2" X 2 1/2" long aluminum,.
● I slightly repositioned and enlarged the pin holes in my brackets for some 5/16" plastic bushings.
● I drilled a hole and cut a slot for the springs that triumph uses for spring loading the floorboards. The spring loading works just like original.
● I cut some 1/4 rubber for gluing on the top of the floorboards. (Note: The two holes in the rubber are for adjusting the set screw to set the angle/level of the floorboards.) I wanted to adjust from the top side down. Actually, they set close to perfect without the set screws.

Needles to say, I love the size of my new smaller floorboards. I went on a 4 hour trip last week and they worked great. They look really nice on the bike and are more than big enough. Anyway, that's about it for this mod. Cheers!
Good work, looks like professional quality.
I have a 05 and have had same problem., thought it was just me. I was thinking of removing rubber cover and cutting the pedal down, then reinstalling it. Will look into it during winter maintenance. Dropped bike because of this, luckily didn't cause any damage.
That's a good idea too. I might look into that. I scraped my right one leaning into a turn and lost traction to the rear tire just for a second. I think the edge of the floorboard made like a pivot point and lifted the rear wheel just a bit. Recovered fine but thought how nice it would be to narrow the floorboards by a half inch or so... then I could do that same lean with no problem.
I've been thinking the same thing about the floorboards on my 2011 Touring. It's not really the appearance of the size overkill that bothers me, but it decreases potential lean angle. Making them a little narrower gives you a little more lean before scraping. Great idea and nice fab work! Want to make a another set? :)
I wouldn't want to make another set. They are really not that that hard to make, but they take a lot of time. The 3/8 plate and aluminum bars can be a bit pricey. I do have a plan with dimensions and the pattern template I could post if anyone would like it. I tried to document it as accurately as possible. There are companies that will water jet cut them for a price. Getting them drilled as precisely as possible is important, so I did a couple mockups to make sure my final effort would be correct. I didn't put any scrub plates on it so I can't speak for the lean angle. I would think the smaller size and no scrub plate would give you plenty of clearance.
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