Please advise - about to leave on a trip - how concerned shall I be?!!


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Nov 13, 2017
Metro Detroit
2014 R3 Roadster
Hey, guys! I'm about to leave on a trip, and as I was loading the motorcycle onto the trailer, I wasn't paying attention to the clearance as I pulled up the ramp and into the trailer. The bottom of the block hit the metal edge of the trailer deck and caught a washer/bolt. Here are a couple pictures. Between the time it happened last night and this morning, there is a little little bit of oil dripping out.

I'm not quite sure what to do. The bike is being trailered to the Denver area tomorrow with the plan to set out Wednesday morning.

My only thought is that perhaps I should take it to a Triumph dealership in Denver to see if the bolt can be tightened or replaced or? I don't even know what it's for, so I don’t want to mess with it. I'm nervous about what would happen once it heats up and I'm riding for long distances.

Any guidance would be much appreciated!
I would have the replacement bolt in my hand before i tried to remove that one and definanate do not try to tighten it.
i think that is one of the bolts you take out when you change the oil so probably a speical bolt with orings on it.
one of the guys might b able to giv you a parts number for that drain plug.
maybe someone in the denver area could lend you one while you are there then give it back when finished your ride.
pinwall cycles might could ship u one over night.
I think as long as you make sure the oil level doesn't drop, you'll be fine, short term. And it looks like a tiny drip. In my experience, no one stocks any parts in America, though I could be wrong, but I'd be surprised if any dealer had it in stock
Also, if you distorted that bolt, it might not fit an allen key anymore, you might have to custom grind one, but it being proud of the casing, vice grips or pipe wrench might work
Got to agree with some of the other responses. From what I can tell from the pictures, it is a sump drain bolt and it looks like it may be a bit sheared and off center. If luck has it, might could get it loose in one piece. BUT you will need another to fit back in. If the allen key won't work, looks like a bolt extractor good get a grab on it. Might could find a temp replacement at ACE Hardware. My local one has a lot of very hard to find stuff I use in a pinch.
Hope you get what you need for that trip!!!