Aug 14, 2006
Mount Carmel Illinois
Sorry for starting an oil thread, but I am new and have questions. The local shop said I need to use mobil 4T racing oil at $50 a pop. Is this required, can I substitute, or should I just pay the $50 a gallon and be safe. Shop Tech said motor was designed with Mobil 4T in mind.
Dave 06 R&W Classic
Yes you will get a lot of opinions. My philosophy is that even if I change the oil twice as much as recommended(5000 instead of 10,000miles) I am not really going to save very much money by using some other brand of synthetic oil, maybe $20 or $30? Figuring how much I have invested in the bike it's not worth it to me. Either way make sure you use a synthetic that is motorcycle specific, especially since the tranny and clutch use the same oil.
Triroketman,my dealer goes on to say they get the oil directly from Triumph UK which allow more additives.For sure everyone has an opinion and the more you read on it the more confusing it gets.I'm going the way of Pig9r,double the frequency cause this is my last bike and want it to last a good while.
Mmm ... oil

Do you both get it from the dealer, or do you know of better sources? Baggage .. sounds like you go w/ the dealer.
This is always an interesting topic. I have a neighbor that has ridden/fixed bikes for 30 plus years. He currently has about a half-dozen bikes.
He swears by Castrol Syntec 5W-50. A fully synthetic, but not motorcycle specific and Purolator PureOne filters. Has used this on all of his bikes for quite some time now.
He is rather knowledgable w/ bikes, leaving me not sure what to think. I can get the Syntc 5W-50 more readily and @ about $5 a quart. My interesting dilema is basically his experience versus experience from other folk. And availability of Mobile 4T doesn't exactly help.
I get it from the dealer, and at $50 a jug, he is for sure givin' it to me (at least I have some lube). The problem with using automotive oil is that there are additives that aren't present in the motorcycle specific oils. Some say these additives can cause the clutch to slip or oil to breakdown in the tranny.

Check out these links for some more info on motorcycle oil and filters:
My dealer doesn't bother to use Triumph oil, Golden Spectro full synth. I have no problem as this is a quality oil that tested well. I use Mobile 1 red cap till its all used up ( no longer made ) then will switch to Amsoil. Use any good quality oil that meets the manufacturers specs. Avoid oils that contain friction modifiers or have the starburst symbol on the bottle. I would never use a 5/ weight oil , these are for higher mileage in the newer cars. Triumph says at least a 10/ weight. Opinions on oil are like ********, everyone has one.:D :D :D
Moblie 4T racing Oil? If I'm not mistaken, the book specifies Moblie 1 Full-Synthetic and my dealer, Mike V, says Mobile 1. Wally World priced ~ $28, I think it was? Amsoil specifies MCF 10W-40 is Rocket worthy @ $35/gal. I'm looking for a local dealer now. The best is none to good for my new red-head but I don't think of her as racy; although she does have an over-bite.