New R3 owner from Ohio


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Jul 13, 2007
Hey all,

Picked up a 2007 R3 Tour (Red and Black) Friday nite.

Dealer installed cat bypass and tors. Awsome sound!

Put 230 miles on so far, and plan to have it back to dealer for first service next week.

I currently own a 2005 Gold Wing and have owned in the past:

3 wings
2 valks (1 interstate and 1 regular)
1992 Yamaha Venture ( One of my favorites)
Too many to count yamas, kawas and suzus from 1970 to now.

The R3's massive grunt and great balance has me in awe!

Looking forward to learning more about this bike from all on the forum.

Thanks in advance for a great site!


Congratulations Mryon on joining the growing ranks of Rocket riders. I got mine in March (07 Classic) and still currently own a 2006 Gold Wing. Both are, to me, the best bikes in their respective fields, but for sheer power...the Rocket is the favorite. As you have found out it is different and guaranteed to draw a crowd.
Good luck and ride the heck out of it.

Warning: there are a lot of crazy types on this board, you will meet them soon.

Glad you've taken the R3 plunge because the water's just fine. You and Molinoman have a lot in common with the Goldwings and the Rocket paint scheme. Enjoy the ride and the site.
Maybe we should start a Goldwing subforum. Nawwww :D

Welcome Mryan! It sounds like you've got the Rocket bug...
Welcome mlryan,

You may find the Wing spending a little more time in the garage, but both are great machines. We kind of lean toward the Rockets over here. Post some shots and join in often.
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Yep. We lean towards Rockets and to the left at the same time. How's that for multi-tasking. have fun. This is a fun group.

You know, until the other day I never knew what multi-tasking was. My wife informed me that I multi-tasked in my sleep. I said hows that? She said I snore and fart at the same time.:)