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Jul 16, 2006
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Well, Friday last, I drained the oil and put in Amsoil 20-50. Also changed the filter to a Wix 51358. Just turned 5K and my oil wasn't black, but it wasn't amber either.

My immediate observations are:
It's easier to find neutral while stopped.
The engine is less noisy, not that it was noisy to begin with. I'd really miss the gear whine if it went away but I don't think that will ever happen.
The clutch seems to be a litte more linear, that is, it engages more smoothly.
I'll have to document the fuel mileage. I was getting just a hair over 40 combined city/highway so we'll see where that is now.

I looked at our local Wally World for both the Amsoil and the Mobil Racing 4t and found neither. I bit the bullet and got the Amsoil and a local speed merchant who I'll refer to as 'The Stealer'. 9 bucks a quart but it won't go to waste just like the Mobil didn't. The drained Mobil went in my lawnmower, rototiller and and I had a little left over for the squeaky hinges on the barn door.
Welcome to the club Flip. I took the plunge, @10/qt just before Smashville.

I can't remark on the linear aspect. Does that mean it shifts easier? I find that is the case and going into 1st is considerably smoother (I never did have to muscle it into 1st). Would this have been the case with Mobil 4T, I'll never know.
Mine too became quieter, so much so that I discovered a new rattle, at about 1900-2100 RPM, above and below that it's not there. I think it's radiator screen, and chrome surrounds. I'm guessing the engine vibration at 2k is just right to get that rattle going, then it's gone. Rusty says he stuck or hung some Trojans here and there to rid his beast of that rattle.
My mileage went from 33 to 35, and nearly 37 with all interestate miles. With my recent add-on (TB) I know that's going down the toilet (too much fun with the new found power).
The most I've gotten was 39 on my first ride home from the dealer, in chilly December.
I too use the used Mobil in various lawn and garden equipment.

Yep, it shifts easier plus it goes into 1st. gear easier too. The engine is quite a bit quieter. I noticed that difference right away. Interestingly, my lawnmower is quieter with the used Mobil than it was with the Shell Rotella 15-40 that was in it. This fall, when I change the oil in the Bonnie, it's going to get the Amsoil too. I'll have more Mobil for the little engines.

Maybe I can squeeze 42mpg out of the Rock.

I just wish the little oil filters had a smaller price. The big filters like the FL1, 2 or 3 are a couple of bucks while the little ones that go on the bikes and the lawnmower cost 10 bucks each.

I may just have to mount a Goodyear Eagle like Gunshots to completely go radical.

Any one using Motul? That's what my dealer uses by default, though they have some of the Mobil 4T 10w-40 in stock as well. Just about ready for the first oil change--should I insist on the Mobil 4T? And, should I go with the 15w-50 instead of 10w-40? It has been pretty hot this summer, and this bike seems to run awful hot as well...
I may just try the Amsoil next oil change if it will quieten the engine down some. My engine has always been noisy, I just put it down to the nature of the beast.
I've about 3500 since changing over. Upon changing over the top end noise was gone. At this point there is some return; but nowhere near as before. Shirley some of the tranny shift improvement has been with age; but, I realized immediately improvement at getting into 1st at time of change over. It's smooth as glass now.

The cycle shop I've taken the beast to for a tire change is a Motul only seller. The business owner had given consideration to going to Amsoil. But, his cost would have been the same as ours (no real profit). He's a Ducati fanatic.
He's probably a Duck fanatic because he makes boo-coo bucks working on them. Desmodromic Valve actuation is a mechanics nightmare and they charge accordingly.

Shim over bucket is childs play compared to a Desmo.

I've got about 500 on the Amsoil change. I slip it into neutral at every light now which I never did before and the engine is quiet as a mouse even in the 95 degree heat here today. Even the trans is shifting better. I'll stick with Amsoil. Price wise, it a wash anyway.
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