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Sep 14, 2005
I might be asking for a heap of trouble here but I have a manual for the rocket lll on pdf file, you are all welcome to a copy ( you never know when you might want a torque spec etc ).
But I do not know the best way of making it available to you all, could somebody with a bit of computer knowledge please advise me.
cheers desmo
We have been down that road once.... It seems that Triumph likes to defend its copyrighted manuals. If it was legal to do so we would have done that already :D. You could always set up your own website and publish it.... but then you would have to deal with the legal aspects of copyright infringement. I just don't want to get involved with that here.
fair play, didn`t know triumph were so hot on copyright,
seems the file is to big to post even when zipped, or was that you blocking it ?
either way its forgotten about now.
Oh No... I didn't do anything to it :D Really. There is a file size limit on the regular forums... And that is in place only so that people don't put huge pics in here that eat useful bandwidth. Your zip file must have exceeded that limit.

If you wanted to... you could post it on a web hosting service like Rapid Share and then email the url out to your buddies.... just don't post the url on here (or publically for that matter). Of course... I'm not telling you any of this...