Lost Seats-SBF


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Mar 22, 2007
South Carolina
Lost Seats-SBF

Anyone out there in Florida receive a driver and passenger seat from a company called SBF?? SBF is a Triumph Dealer in Germany that makes a custom Rocket III seat. I ordered one and somehow it ended up in Port Orange, Florida rather than South Carolina. Guess somebody just got new seats for nothing?

Gary :(
Lost Seats- SBF


You guessed correctly and are the winner-ITS DHL!! Tracking #, DHL, USPS and the buyer all told the seller that the item was to be delivered to PORT ORANGE, FLORIDA instead of SOUTH CAROLINA. I even called the Post Master of the USPS in PORT ORANGE, FLORIDA. He found the package. But, my name and address were not on the package. Mislabel, Label-switch, Bad Tracking #- I do not know. What I do know is I ordered and payed for these seats over 5 weeks ago and have no product-!! Fortunately, I used a credit card and Pay-Pal. So, anticipate my funds will be returned in time.

What is really amazing is I sent SBF the OEM seats in Germany from the USA. They have already received them and had given me a trade in credit via Pay-Pal 2 weeks ago. I believe the vendor is honest. I also believe there is a Triumph Rocket III owner in Port Orange, Florida who thinks he just picked up a free set of $800 seats.

I'd do a charge back on my credit card immediately, like right now and still accept the pay-pal credit voucher. That will get the vendor involved in the scenario and hopefully your seat. Sounds like a little fraud in Florida but because there aren't that many R3's around, it's pretty unlikely that the recipient of the package has one. Sounds like I'd be perusing E-Bay and Craigslist for specialty seats for sale. It's a cruel and dishonest world so play hardball.
SBF Seats

I finally got the seats! The USPS tracking # placed in the system was incorrect. The item must have gotten stuck in customs from Germany. It appeared as if someone had opened the box. But, the items are in great shape. The seats are fantastic to ride upon.

Gary :bch:

Pleased to hear that your new seats eventually caught up with you.

Once you have them installed, is there any chance you could let us know how comfortable they are and maybe post a couple of pics?

Curious Tony

PS Which part of SC are you from? I resided in Charleston from 91 to 04
I obtained the Cosiba driver and passenger seats from a company called SBF which is in Germany near Frankfort. They are a German Triumph dealer. Their web site for the seat is


Payment can be made via Pay-Pal. The driver seat is 249.00 EU. The passenger seat is 169 EU. POC is Stefan. If you send SBF your factory seats you receive a credit via Pay-Pal. Amount depends on how many seats you purchase. Remember transfer rate between EU & US dollars is especially bad right now.
Seats are designed and produced by Kahedo for Cosiba and sold by SBF. They specialize in seating for the handicapped and paralyzed. Materials: 34% Polyester,16% Cotton, 50% Polyurethane; No Gel/ No Leather; Kahedo - www.kahedo.com/index.php Did not find a web site for Cosiba.

I was looking for something closer in appearance to a stock Triumph seat products. Tried several of the Triumph seats (Cruiser, Gel, etc.) and was not happy. Did not like the custom look of Corbin & Metcruze. The SBF seats are close to stock in appearance but much more comfortable. They feel like an expensive BMW seat if that makes any sense.

Photo’s are at


The Triumph factory cruiser seats are on the left, Gel seat center and Cosiba/ SBF seats on right.

The driver backrest is from Utopia at www.utpr.com/rocket.html

And, yes it keeps you on the Rocket during rapid acceleration and is the most comfortable lower back rest I have ever had on a motorcycle.

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