Lifts and jacks etc


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Jun 18, 2018
Salisbury. England
2011 Rocket 3 Roadster
Asking "not" is infinite, and would likely only garner a response of someone who particularly regretted a particular approach and has the interest to warn folks off.

What folks have done successfully is more definitive, and likely useful: Flipmeister, Becker-technik, shop scissor lifts, Eazy-Rider, various jacks with various adapters (none, blocks of wood, custom angle iron, Jack Be Quick - all searchable on this site.

Heck, the guy who changed my front suspension had a small hydraulic jack he used under the right side of the engine, lifting against the kick stand - inserted a block of wood -- and three point stable, low tech and no adapter needed.
I did ask ‘what did not work’ because more can be learnt from error and failure , provided those that made them are brave enough to own up and share their experiences , surely one of the main reasons why this site is so good ? People aren’t afraid to open up, share, have a laugh? simply repeating one line for success wil eventually mean we will all only have one option .
Yes ,searches can be made , so does this mean then that no topics should be raised for fear of repetition?


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Sep 28, 2018
Newburgh, Indiana
2007 Rocket III Classic
I have a custom built bed style lift with a front wheel cradle. It is raised and lowered by air. Used an airbag off of a triple axle dump truck. It will lift an elephant...
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