08 Touring
Apr 25, 2014
West coast, Canada
08 Rocket iii touring
what is the best way/easiest way to lift my bike... I'm seeing I need a bracket and read that JBQ doesn't fit my 2008 rocket touring?
did a few searches here and didn't find much.
Hmmm- yeah, then there is a difference there between the Roadster/Classics and the Touring model. My design is based off another that used welded pins, instead of the bolts (I can't weld)- that sounds like it would work for you. The other designs that have a continuous plate running under the bike don't offer any advantage that I can see, as the weight is still just bearing on those lifting holes.

I had to grind a little off one side of the bolt heads to allow them to fit around some obstruction. I'm sure you'll figure something out- let us know.
thanks thats what i planned on doing today