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Sep 12, 2006
Nr Jhb. South Africa
Hi Guys. Before I buy the stock triumph fly screen can anyone advise me as to it's affectiveness as a wind deflector (i am 5'7") OR anyone know of something equally as pretty in the aftermarket accessories arena. Thanks
It works better than you might think. It keeps the wind off of your chest but does little for your head, so you end up using a full face helmet. One downside to the flyscreen is that it gives some input into your steering, especially at higher speeds and on windy days. Its not horrible... but you can feel it. All in all, I like mine. For serious long distance riding or for better weather protection I would go with something else, most of my riding is somewhat local so the flyscreen works for me..:D
simon, check out the windvest screen. i am 5'8" and i love mine. keeps your head from getting buffeted and looks very clean on the bike. not the usual metal support brackets across the shield.
I really like the Windvest 16" x 16" clear windshield. It feels 90% as effective as the roadster screen to me but its minimal stlying and mounting hardware do not detract from the clean lines of the bike.

Dear Brother-in-law. I think your Windvest is crap.:D Looks like a high priced window pane. Next thing you'll get is the Corbin Hardley wannabe handlebar fairing.

In so much as detracting from the lines.......didn't you state earlier that the bike looked "bug eyed"??