Fly Screen question


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Dec 10, 2007
Yorba Linda, CA
I've got a 2006 R3 classic and I'm looking to get some type of screen to take a bit of the wind off. I like the look of the fly screen, but the Triumph accessories manuel says that the fly screen won't fit on the Classic. Not sure why. Does anyone know if the fly screen does fit on the Classic (or can be modified to fit on a Classic)?

Also, does anyone have a picture of the Sportscreen on their bike? I've haven't seen any pictures yet of the Sportscreen (and I think that one is made to fit on the Classic).

Thanks for the help.
Mine is the regular fly screen. I don't have an R3 Classic, but I see no reason why the fly screen shouldn't fit. The Classic Tourer (not the new '08 Touring) The only thing different on the front end is the handlebars. I also have the Roadster screen, which is the same as on the Classic Tourer, that I swap out from time to time.
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Guys, thanks for the feedback. Paul, I like the look of the screen on your bike. I think I need to swing by the dealership and ask the parts guy the "Classic" question about the flyscreen. I can't see any difference between the Classic and the normal R3 that would prevent the flyscreen from working. Maybe their accessories manual is just wrong.
I hadn't noticed that you had the clear fly screen, Paul.. That looks pretty good.. I haven't seen a picture of it on a bike before...

My fly screen and the Roadster screen use the same mounting hardware or "fixing kit" and they swap out with no adjusting, just remove the four bolts.. remove one.. put the other in place and bolt it on. I don't see why the Classic would be any different..