EU Passport Control


Dec 31, 2006
As of Friday, 21 December, one is now able to travel an expanded European Union without passport control. This means no hassle motorcycling from "old Europe" (Spain, France, Germany) into "new Europe" (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and more). Jolanta and I are excited about our Summer 2008 MC tour (on a BMW, not an R3) through these Baltic countries. :D

BTW, you still need to show a passport to get into stodgy old England. :eek:
Wow.. the opposite of North America.. :) You can visit Mexico or Canada, but you have to have a passport to return.. :) Sounds like a fun trip. I'm envious..:)

My wife and I are starting to plan a trip this summer, taking the bikes, and kids, on a trip to the Grand Canyon, along with some scenic stops along the way..
You're always welcome here Hombre, with the appropriate documentation of course.:)