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May 26, 2014
Miami, FL
"Fiona" my '14 R3T & "Delilah" my '16 V-Rod Muscle
I'm a bit dismayed at the corrosion I'm seeing emerge on bolt heads, exhaust clamps and other parts of my '16 HD V-Rod Muscle. I've owned her since new and, when not being ridden, she's spent most of her life covered in a garage (Las Vegas, NV; Shreveport, LA and now Miami, FL). I never use a water hose on my bikes; only wipe them down. Though I do ride her in the rain; it's been seldom and nothing like my '14 R3T with whom I regularly ride in the rain... sleet...and even the occasional snow... and she's virtually corrosion free (nothing I've really noticed at least). There's not much I can really do, so my real question is, what protectorant would be recommended to help inhibit the process?



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Aug 1, 2010
On the verge of insanity
2009 R3-Standard - 1979 Guzzi V1000G5
Yup ACF50. The Dog's Bollix.

Be warned! it creeps everywhere. And stays fluid for months. Good for corrosion - not so good if you decide you want to paint or detail within a month or so. The aircraft guys say 3 months.

In Miami - the air is salt laden and moist. Not great.

Nothing wrong with an occasional cold fresh water hose down - once it's cooled down. Hose - not power wash.
In high dry environments - I agree; no need - my beasts seldom get even a rinse here - but on the UK's south coast - I'd often rinse over with rain water (my dad collected it for his garden). Ride an old Italian bike in salty air and you soon learn.
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