Don't you just love......


Mar 8, 2006
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Don't you just love the redundant E-bay seller items for neon lite kits now found on the "Triumph Rocket III" seller listings. Come on now, I waded thru a page and a half of that crap then a few normal items then a repeat of the same crap. E-bay must feel pretty secure to allow this cuz they must know everyone hates it. It's no different than a Flea Market that has "regulars" that come week in week out. As soon as i set up search options to delete the neon lite crap from my Triumph Rocket III search, along will come 3,477 different shades of Triumph head light bulbs.......:mad: :D


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Mar 7, 2006
Geneva Switzerland
Light Bulb?

E-Bay hooey is just hooey with a wider readership. The Q is what on earth, Hondax, are YOU doing in there?

Cleaning lady's syndrome? Is that it?

That is an odd mixture of first-degree indignation about the mess the short-term summer appartment tenants inevitably left last night, of hindsight bitterness about not having at all been consulted about their accesss to it and their eventual presence in it, of the pride (= sense of duty) you take in describing (= "denouncing") their demeanor and the penance you nevertheless volunteer to serve by thinking you could do something about it

What's your E-Bay vacuum cleaner pushing hourly rate? :D
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