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Mar 7, 2006
Geneva Switzerland
Yes, Cartier as in watches and jewels. Last time I was in Paris, in early October, to attend the motorcycle show, I paid a visit to the foundation. It was running a hi-class, cultural (yes!) exhibition (most of the materials were in 'Merican English, so were the few visitors):

"1939-1959: The History of Rock 'n Roll", with previously unreleased pics and clips showing Elvis returming from his first out-of-state gig, being dropped off the train and walking back home across suburban waste grounds... Jerry Lee Lewis at the London Heathrow airport with his 13-year old wife... cigar-smoking, Humphrey Bogart-sounding Littletown officials explaining why obscene "Be Bop a Lula" Gene Vincent would never be given another chance to go "live" at the overbooked city theater... hysterical girls in the audience... etc.

Vintage teen mags (so charming) could be perused, magnificent jukeboxes and electric guitars were on display. And (which is unusual) due justice was done to the black Rock'n Roll pioneers, including --but not limited to-- Chuck Berry.

Moving (as some of you know, I was raised in the USA).

I bought myself Cartier's Exhibition Book (awfully expensive, but that was worth it ) and a limited edition, double CD re-edition of one of the greatest Rock 'n Roll precursors ever: Howlin' Wolf. 49 songs recorded between 1951 and 1953.

Yeah... the fatalistic "my babe left me"- pentatonic kind, but with Wolfie's vibrant voice and an amazing contrast between largely timeworn harmonica/horn lines and... both an assertive bass shuffle coupled with a previously unheard off --and so eager-- electric guitar. Rythm soon to turn solo.

God Bless America

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No Killin' Floor on my double CD which covers 1951-1953. Is it a later number? Thanks if you can clarify this for me.

One of my favorites remains Worried All The time. Best Jamie:cool: