Aug 23, 2006
Northwest, MO.
2005 Rocket III
Happy Birthday Ugarte!

Hope you have a good one, although it would appear you are already past "the good one".
Thanks guys! I am 53 today.....but I don't feel a day over 80 :eek:

I have taken the day off to, in part, work on the Rocket. Its up on the lift for 50,000 mile seals and oil for the forks, new coolant, oil and filter, front and rear tires, new plugs, and a good detailed sure needs it! I was giving some thought to putting wilburs springs in the front but decided to stick with the stockers to save some money......its going to cost about $300 bucks in parts and labor at the dealer just to do the fork maintenance, and that is with the forks off the bike........but I didn't want to tackle that task myself.

The Rocket has been one helluva great bike to ride, and am eagerly looking forward to the next 50K.

From the picts. I've seen of smashville you guys stay away from the west.. Please... Happy Birthday Ugarte.. Crazy Jack
What weight oil are you putting in the forks?

That's a good question.....I just took the forks down to the dealer to do the changeout.....probably same as stock, whatever weight that is...... :confused:

Regarding the next Rockets across about one somewhere high up in the Rockies?

I really should post here more......I am not worthy of such a nice birthday greeting......but its certainly helping to make my day...:bch: