Best HID lighting kit for an R3 ?

Honestly, I didn't know anybody was. The kit in the Kirk catalog is nice but I could buy a truckload of PIAA bulbs for what it costs. Even more bulbs when you consider you have to buy two complete kits.

I'm one of those people who gets irritation from looking at an oncoming car with HID lights. Even looking to the side causes my eyes to hurt. There is a name for the condition but I can't remember what it's called, I just know the HID light bothers me.
I'm not sure whether Hombre might have HID lights on his lower forks.
Cost per pair: PIAA bulbs $80, Sylvania SilverStars $40, Zenons $20. I've tried the two lesser costing types; and, I'm quite satisfied with the Silverstar bulbs. These, combined with the Triumph Aux. Lights I have more than ample (ultra bright white) lighting; although the Silverstars alone were a huge improvement.
Silverstars vs. Zenon bulbs

Heretic, I have the Zenons. Since you've had both Zenons and Silverstars, do you think there is a big difference to upgrade to the Silverstars from the Zenon?