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Nov 30, 2006
Molino, FL
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Bob is still in the hospital but he is stable. He was on medication...not morphine but a suitable replacement controlled by the "button".

His final tally was 2 fractured fingers on left hand, 2 fractured bones in right wrist, broken or fractured tibia and fibia in right leg. He was pretty coherent after he woke up and was in considerably better shape than the guy next to him, who was also in a motorcycle accident at about 2:45 in the morning on the first of July (Bob's accident was around 4 pm same day). This guy, when he woke up (got rearended on a 150 scooter??? by a car), found his left foot amputated, and he had a lot of abrasions on his face, making Bob look pretty good in comparison...which is saying alot (I know...the pot calling the kettle black)

The operation today resulted in Bob being able to bend his right leg at about a 45 degree angle, tomorrow he is supposed to progress to 60 degrees and eventually to a 90 degree bend.

He is looking at probably being moved in about 10 days to an assisted living center for further physical therapy.

His Rocket was totaled, I am hoping his wife will be able to e-mail me the pictures she took so that I can post them.

Then I went out and saw the new Bruce Willis movie...great action flick.
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On the mend.....

That's good he's mending. Carol fell to the right side in York, Pa., last summer and broke her arm. She spent the rest of the riding season and the winter PT'ing herself back to normalcy. I sometimes forget that she's a full 10 years older than I am. I hope I mend that well if I break something. We are a bunch of old farts but E&C make us look like kids.


Do we get a club discount on Cracksman tools now that you are an associate?
This sucks!!!

I am with Jamie, let's do something for Baggage as a group. It doesn't have to be much, just something to let him know that when a biker is down he is not alone. Got any ideas?
??? Maybe something to keep him occupied and to kill some time while he is recovering??

If he's got broken bones in both hands that may be tough... yikes!
**** Lets just send him a get well card, a gift certificate for bike bling and a Flipmeister throttle lock, with instructions of course. I'll donate the throttle lock.....I'm berry generous.:D

Actually, whatever your fertile minds can conjure up. Just PM me and I'll fess up with some cash. Britman has my phone number, so does Piggr, Rusty and Raymond so I'm easy to get a hold of.