auxillery power socket R3


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Aug 11, 2006
I bought the A -power socket, it comes with just the outlet and blade terminals. Are there the female end on the R3 to just plug this in? or do I have to tie a set into the battery. Also do they make an adaptor to adap it to a regular (cigarette type) plug in?
I too made the purchase of the Triumph aux adapter, only to read thru many threads (before my item arrived) that it is only compatible with Triumph accessories. I went to the local auto store (Oreilly's) and purchased a weatherproof outlet that would accommodate most other practical items out there in the world: cell phone charger, power adapter for music items, 12 volt air pump, cigarette lighter, etc. It was 1/3 the price. I'll never be able to return the adapter (at least I don't think) but maybe I could get some of my $$$ back by selling it.

Haven't installed the adapter so I'm not certain if there is a plug-in specific to the Triumph adapter. I was thinking of installing both but I can't foresee myself ever purchasing an accessory that would use the Triumph plug.

Live & learn.