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Dec 3, 2017
Tazewell TN
Indians and the R3 2014 Roadster + TFC
I had the 1198 Diavel, followed by the 1260 XDiavel. The 1198 is fast and furious, but unrefined, doesn’t like getting hot in traffic. The 1260 is more refined, but it’s still an angry bike. And I say more refined, but it’s not remotely like the TFC. They make their performance in very different ways, on the Triumph, you can change up pretty much at any revs because the torque will be there in the next gear in any case. On the XD, you’ll be holding on for the redline for the rush and the noise - you won’t be doing that with the TFC. It’s not that the TFC runs out at 4500, it’s that the XD steps up and goes insane around there which just doesn’t happen on the Triumph.
That makes sense. I have a 2014 R3 Roadster that puts out good torque but does make 203 hp at 7250 rpm. It gets some of that insane rush.;)

The TFC is much more of a gentlemen’s ride with a touch of brute.:roll: Overall it is a very fun bike to ride.:thumbsup: