2nd gear trouble


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Apr 12, 2006
I've already had the bolt come out of the shift shaft, they repaired it at the shop.
I have put a few thousand on the bike since them, but now sometimes in second
under hard excel it feels like the trans shifts into neutral then slams back into second.
it happens after up shift or down shift, and even after riding aways in second excelling
and dexceling, then hard excelling, it almost feels like if you bump the shifter at the
right rpm to shift with out clutch but it shift right back into second
Has any one else experienced this problem?
It might be your clutch adjustment. If your clutch is breaking loose and then hooking back up it might feel like you describe. You haven't been using oil with friction modifiers in it, have you? (Like automotice oils).
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Really hard to diagnose with a desciption alot of the times. Usually it has to be a seat of the pants experience. Butt...:D ...I'd have to agree with Tom. Either that or the rear tire is breaking loose! Bigern