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Sep 20, 2021
2014 Rocket 3 Roadster
National Cycle USA do a handlebar mount version but the French company SECDEM Bullster is better and was available in different tints too.

and then there are about three custom UK suppliers of Triumph flyscreen copies, expanded versions and custom Speed Triple style flyscreens in plain black gelcoat fibreglass or painted Phantom Black with or without Red/White stripes and matched to factory Rocket III paint schemes from UK Triumph Custom Parts
They sell on eBay too and ship International.

and then Rockes Patches in UK online who has an eBay website too, toyota 6510

If you want stock I have a few used large 5 bolt across the chrome TT strap Roadster and Classic screens and heaps of new fork mount clamps used for all factory screen versions and most aftermarket fibreglass versions.
Clearview, Jroc and others supply custom and replacement Rocket III screens but do not have or ever supply the original chrome TT strap screen hardware. National Cycle USA make many extremely similar TT strap screen mounts and there is likely a reasonable match to the stock Fork Fixing clamp kits as they are adjustable for distance between clamps on each fork leg.
The Fixing Kit Front End A9738051 are no longer available from Triumph but I have a few new sets tucked away.
Here in the USA has great screens … that’s what is on my R3. They have different shades and sizes