matte black

  1. D04011

    What to use for Matte Black - Sorry Art, I'm not going to use Lemon Pledge

    I very recently picked up a minty Matte Black 2011 R3R and am wondering what folks are using to keep theirs looking good. I know some folks with other bike brands use Windex (without ammonia) with good results but I'm not sure if the Triumph paint is different and I definitely don't want to...
  2. Titusville

    For Sale 2014 Roadster Matte Black 1300 miles

    Health forcing sale, has Corbin Bags, TORS exhaust, K&N filter, standard windshield, Clear flyscreen, Matte Flyscreen, Triumph sport mirrors, LED Headlights, Throttlemeister, fender extender, jack be Quick lifting bracket, smoked turn signal lense, flashing tail light, almost $5,000 in extras...
  3. Old N' Grumpy

    Triumph Roadster OEM Flyscreens Matte Black With White Stripes

    I should know tomorrow but my dealer says he might have access to 4 brand new Roadster matte black with white striped oem flyscreens. These haven't been made for a year or two. If he does I am buying one so there should be 3 left. If this works out whoever wants one I will put you in touch with...
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