matte black

  1. Hubyone

    New R3 owner

    Hello... Just picked up a new R3 Roadster black edition My first triumph... I had Ducatis and BMW before. Options installed: heated grips, tracker, sport paniers (installation later), quick shifter) So far so good... I love it.
  2. syntax007

    Cleaning matte black roadster

    Anyone have any good cleaning products to use on matte black paint as well as chrome?
  3. D04011

    What to use for Matte Black - Sorry Art, I'm not going to use Lemon Pledge

    I very recently picked up a minty Matte Black 2011 R3R and am wondering what folks are using to keep theirs looking good. I know some folks with other bike brands use Windex (without ammonia) with good results but I'm not sure if the Triumph paint is different and I definitely don't want to...
  4. Titusville

    For Sale 2014 Roadster Matte Black 1300 miles

    Health forcing sale, has Corbin Bags, TORS exhaust, K&N filter, standard windshield, Clear flyscreen, Matte Flyscreen, Triumph sport mirrors, LED Headlights, Throttlemeister, fender extender, jack be Quick lifting bracket, smoked turn signal lense, flashing tail light, almost $5,000 in extras...
  5. Old N' Grumpy

    Triumph Roadster OEM Flyscreens Matte Black With White Stripes

    I should know tomorrow but my dealer says he might have access to 4 brand new Roadster matte black with white striped oem flyscreens. These haven't been made for a year or two. If he does I am buying one so there should be 3 left. If this works out whoever wants one I will put you in touch with...