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    lowered price on leather jacket

    Hey guys, I lowered the price on my leather jacket in the classifieds to $200 which includes shipping. Don't miss out on this deal. Dave
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    Rocket 3 leather jacket, come on guys!

    I put a leather jacket in the classifieds, and had 50 lookers and no bites. This jacket is super nice, you don't want to miss out on this deal. Is it priced too high? I will work with you. The only reason I am selling it is because it is a 44 and is too big and doesn't fit me right. I...
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    Hey All, check out my stuff for sale in the Classifieds section. You won't want to miss out. Thanks, Dave
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    Motorcycle Shows on Television

    There is one called Cafe Racer also.
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    Vehicle speed sensor intermittent

    You are correct. I pulled it out and cleaned it plus the contacts at the connector. The Tuneboy still says "P1500 Vehicle Speed Sensor Intermittant. I guess I will have to order a new sensor. The strange thing is that the service manual says that P1500 is a Vehicle Speed Circuit Fault...
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    Vehicle speed sensor intermittent

    My speedo has been dropping out so I attached the Tuneboy to the bike and it told me that I had code P1500 vehicle speed sensor fault. I checked the sensor and all seemed ok. I was wondering if anyone has had to replace the sensor and if I am heading in the right direction with this...
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    speedometer died

    I was wondering what you did to fix it? Yourself and how or did you take to the shop. My problem with the shop, is that any time I have had to take it there, I was a month getting it back.
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    speedometer died

    Just got back from my first ride of the season, and about half way into the ride, the speedometer died. The odometer displays but does not change. Any suggestions as to what may be the problem. 06 Classic
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    Valve adjustment needed??

    I have 25,000 on mine and I have never had mine checked. Runs great and I am not gonna worry about it.
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    scala rider

    The problem with the one that I had years ago, was that the mics picked up so much wind noise while going down the road that you couldn't hear anything but noise. Also I was unaware that the scala rider needed to be hard wired to use an MP3 player.
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    scala rider

    Have any of you guys tried the scala rider bluetooth headsets that are supposed to communicate with bluetooth devices and the passenger? I would like to try one if it is worth the money. I have tried these types of things in the past with very little success. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Rockets Across America VI

    Triroketman 1 R3 1 Yamaha 1 HD Maybe 1 Honda 5 maybe 6 in party 3 rooms
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    Rockets Across America VI

    I would suggest that we have a catered meal like we did last time on Saturday night. The food was great, I don't think we can get better food locally.
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    Rockets Across America VI

    I am good for this date. If I know in advance, I have a better chance of getting the days off work.
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    Oil Level

    Last month I changed the oil and filter. Bought 6 quarts and only used 5. Never opened the 6th one. I have checked the level half a dozen times since then. Always on the money.
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