Whine to groan to death or dying


.060 Over
Mar 18, 2006
OK so I had my regular whining sound become a loud groaning sound this morning. When I left work this afternoon I could not get the bike to start for a while. Once started it would not idle. I had to hold the throttle open at 1500 rpm at stoplights or it would die.
It sounds like hell, like a ghost with chains along with the groaning. Sounds like it dropped a cylinder.
Only 5500 miles on it but it's out of warranty (2005):(
I had no problems until Maine's one and only Triumph dealer did the warranty tune on it. After that it started hard and stalled on occasion.
I am afraid that bad things are happening.:mad:

It ain't that. If it was, it wouldn't start at all. I had that crap go on this summer after I got a tank of gas and who knows what at some Arab station south of Norfolk. I managed to do a rough 12 minute tune and all was well again. Of course mine has never been back to the dealer for the tune abortion however. He might have a shorted coil though. Some of the new Bonnies had coil insulation breakdown problems and the coils look very similar (I can look side-by-side)
I Am Pleased To Say

So my idle issue was the same ol' computer issue that everybody is aware of. An easy fix.
The Groaning sound was my final drive which is toast with only 5,000 miles. It is a 2005 and is out of warranty, HOWEVER, Triumph is replacing it for me!

I am very pleased with them for doing this.:) Now I can remain a loyal Triumph customer.
****, you must be a rubba room doktor. I never thought those riding jackets with the zippers on the back were all that stylish...............:D
Actuallyy I am a psyche nurse on the forensic unit at the state psychiatric hospital in Maine. I get to hang out with serial killers and other fine folks. :kk:
You gave me an idea for a cool new riding jacket. I am going to put Triumph patches on the "white" jackets.:D