What a couple of weeks!.. :)


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Mar 8, 2006
La Vernia, TX
After getting the head stock nut sorted, putting the correct air pressure in the tires (sucky pressure gauge on my Louisiana trip a couple of weekends ago) and experimenting with my PC-III, Big Blue is running like a scalded-assed ape.. :D

I believe I am currently running Triumph's TOR tune.. On top of that, I had the PC-III with Dynojets TOR tune, so I was running extremely rich. I have no way of testing the current Triumph map, so I pulled the PC-III, did the 12 min tune, and ran with that for a few days. It ran okay, but was running too lean, lean enough to feel the heat off of the headers increased. So... I went and downloaded the European TOR/cat bypass map from Dynojet and compared the European and American versions. There is a HUGE difference between the two. I liked what I saw, so I loaded up, slapped the PC-III back on. WOW. Big Blue has never ran so good. no lean spots.. super smooth idle, awesome acceleration! I might even get better MPG, but.. as follows, I've been opening the throttle a bit much.. :)

To top it off, I found a new back road to work with 10 miles of 35/45 MPH curves along with straights to open her up good!.. Down shifting, hitting these curves at about 70 MPH and pulling out of them with the front end so light.. It's a little farther home, but for some reason, I get home sooner... I better be careful, I might start experiencing the short rear tire life others have complained about..:) Also, I'm really gonna have to invest in some rear shocks to ride like this very often.. I'm taking the Trophy 1200 down to work tomorrow to try it out on this road. Should be a blast!

Also, the Harvest Classic this week.. meeting up with Mark (snuffcityrider) and Tom (TallRocket)

It's been a great Triumph week.. ;)
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Not going past my own limits.. :) That wollowing walrus feeling from the rear shocks slows me some, along with the thought of Mr. Highway Patrol coming the other way :eek:, but it's too much of a blast not to let 'er rip every once in a while.

Hope to wring the carbs out on the wife's Trophy tomorrow on that bit of road though.. :)