Tune ecu for turbo setup?


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Feb 2, 2023
Southeast Missouri
2004 rocket 3
I got a 2004 rocket 3 with a clean looking turbo setup on it. I had to replace the valves and do a top end as the previous owner snapped the bolt holding the keywayin place and rather than replace the bolt they just fished it out and sent the bike on to the nextowner who was not a wrench so he firesaled it to me... So for 3400 dollars total I now have a running turbo rocket 3... But I know nothing about if this bike is tuned and what direction I should go in at this point. I'm new to the group desperately seeking advice lol.... Thanks in advance
There is no powercommander but it does idle and rev up


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Nov 2, 2013
Timmins, Ontario
2012 Rocket Roadster
Welcome @Hooserdaddy107 to the asylum. There are a number of fellows who have installed and set up turbo's on the earlier Rocket model who would be more than willing to help. They should pipe up soon. Try and find out all you can about what modes or upgrades were done to your Rocket before the turbo was installed. The first year Rockets had a number of factory improvements made due to known failures especially with the clutch lifter shaft mechanism, timing chain guides, 2nd gear dogs, output torsional damper bearing replacement, 4th gear replacement, ignition switch wiring, etc etc. It's good to know if these items were improved before you pump tons of horsepower to the power train. You might also want to pull the final drive to inspect and lube the driveshaft coupling/splines. They tend to get neglected and rust/wear out.

Congrats on one great catch. Post some pics too.