treated well by these folks


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Nov 23, 2006
OK ... I don't have any association with these folks ... I was just treated respectfully, which is unfortunately, somewhat uncommon now days.

These folks sell Triumph parts (what I ordered), Honda parts, and also sell from several aftermarket catalogs like Biker's Choice, Cobra, Tucker Rocky, etc.

First off, they are the only place I could find that had the Triumph accessories at a discount. They also give free shipping on all orders placed on Friday. So things started out good ... I got a discount price, free shipping, and no sales tax on the order.

There was an initial delay in the order ... due to Triumph being closed for the holidays ... all is still going pretty good, and a phone call to these guys went well ... stuff was shipped right out.

One of the parts ordered (luggage rack) was not good ... signs that part of the acid wash from the chrome plating process had been trapped inside the tubing used to make the luggage rack ... and after it was boxed up at the factory, it leaked out and damaged the chrome.

I emailed the company ... got an email right back asking me to confirm they had the correct part number for the damaged goods ... I replied via email ... before the day was out I had an email from UPS ... a "click here and print your pre-paid shipping label" ... kool, I this company don't expect me to pay return shipping or mess with some stupid return credit authorization number like a lot of mail order places do ...

Next day the wife takes box to UPS with label ... they say thanks ... and it is in the return process ... get an email from the company, they have new part in stock, have inspected everything in detail ... it is on the way to me ...

Get the new part on Monday (they sent it UPS 2nd day air ... kool, did not have to wait all week ... open the box ... all there ... all fine ... and they sent me a little Triumph Rocket III model on a wood display stand with a note attached apologizing for the inconvenience caused by having to send part of my order back.

During the process, I received several emails keeping me up to date with tracking numbers, etc.

Yeah ... I will use them again ... it is nice to be treated like a customer instead of a mark with a buck ...

Who are they .... Motorcycle Accessories Discount SuperStore ... or